Patient Baerbel Ohletz

Dear Dr Tschackert,

My teeth and the problems I have had with them have always been a real issue in my life. I had braces when I was six, but these didn't really change the misalignment of the teeth as my teeth were too large for my jaw. Then I knocked one of my front teeth out when I was 9. As a teenager of course you don't want to go around like that, so I got my first crown very early on. The substance of my teeth was nothing special, probably because I was often ill as a child. As a young person I was definitely also not aware how important tooth care is, which meant that I ended up with one crown after the other.

Eventually, these crowns looked so unsightly that I felt self-conscious. I frequently tried to hide my poor crowns with my hands. Laughing and showing my teeth? Impossible! Maybe that's the reason I started to grind and press my teeth at night. This meant that I damaged the few teeth I had remaining pretty badly. I don't need to describe what my teeth and gums looked like т€“ you know yourself how unsightly it was.

I can honestly say that from the first day in your practice a new life began for me! Your extensive and competent advice immediately gave me the feeling I was in the right place. The whole process in your practice, from appointment planning, the welcome, the waiting time and the care before and after treatment is simply unparalleled. And I know what I'm talking about, because I've been to a lot of dentists. With you and your team, I never felt like there was anything I couldn't ask or couldn't say, I always felt well supported and understood. The treatment itself was not entirely painless, but firstly that is certainly normal, and secondly you and your team really calmed me and cared for me, so I didn't doubt my decision to put myself in your hands for a single minute.

Now I'm so happy with my teeth that I would ideally like to spend the entire day laughing and showing my teeth. I particularly like that it just looks great and yet so natural. I get a lot of compliments on my teeth, and most people think I've had my own teeth bleached. It's exactly what I wanted! Natural-looking, beautiful teeth. But it's not just the appearance which is perfect, the function is too. It feels like they're really my own teeth. Now I even like cleaning my teeth, and I'll do my best to make sure everything is preserved.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work.

Warm regards,

Baerbel Ohletz

Patient Ms U.P.

Dear Dr Tschackert,

My entire life, I have always had problems with my teeth, which kept increasing * / : cracked enamel, caries, grinding of the teeth and headaches as a result of this, due to increasing age ? I though ? that I was getting migraines increasingly frequently, crowns everywhere, one dentist changed the occlusal height ? since then I still have problems with dizziness, the artificial teeth caused problems in my mouth, I started to get bad breath and for the past five years have had bleeding gums too ? ? The dentists said nothing could be done and that it would be better not to touch it.

 * I got to know many dentists and spent a lot of my life sitting in waiting rooms. Over the years, my teeth and gums just got worse and the health problems increased: ? the dentists said nothing could be done and that it would be better not to touch it.

 It may have been pure coincidence т€“ and my good luck т€“ that your practice was recommended to me. Friends and to an increasing extent strangers now talk to me about my beautiful teeth. I don't have migraines any more since my bite was regulated, and I wake up in the mornings without a headache. My mouth is no longer filled with foreign bodies, but very viable teeth which feel as if they're my own. Prophylaxis means I no longer experience bleeding gums and always have fresh breath. And to cap it all the annoying waiting before treatment is now gone: you arrive, you start thinking which newspaper might be interesting and then you regret that you barely had the time to start reading an interesting book: ?Come in please!? - you're already up.

 I can now admit that I hesitated for a long time before entrusting all of my teeth to you. After all of my previous experience, a cautious approach seemed appropriate. In hindsight, I can encourage all other patients: you can and should talk about everything ? including about concerns and worries in terms of the plans; everything will be explained in detail and, if you want, shown to you in the mirror; every piece fits; difficulties are identified and discussed; if something is going to hurt you almost ? always know ? in advance. The care is first class and the results are wonderful. I don't think it could be any better.

 I thank you for your patience, your great skill and for the safety and precision with which you work. Without you I would probably still have very poor teeth rather than the beautiful teeth I have now. Thank you!

 - Ms U.P. -

Patient Reimer von Essen

To whom it may concern,

I am a clarinet player and my teeth are one of the most important foundations of my profession. The fact that I can play without any teeth problems at the age of 70 is thanks to your excellent treatment and the thorough care provided by Dr Tschackert.
Fifteen years ago I switched to him. Since then, I have been wearing a number of implants on some highly problematic areas, all of which were applied with absolutely no pain. Through these implants, additional dental corrections and extensive prophylaxis т€“ including the oral care I learned there т€“ my teeth can now withstand the particularly high strain placed on them by my profession.
I am extremely grateful to Dr Tschackert for this and the fact that I go to his practice without trepidation, and I would very much recommend him.

Reimer von Essen

Patient Mechtild Ryff

Hello Dr Tschackert,

I just wanted to say I am happy that you sent me to Dr Heck and that I could come to see you.
I don't know what happened, but somehow I'm better. My lip is better and the left eye, which has been almond-shaped for many years, has been straight since Thursday. I'm excited to see whether it will stay like that.
The pain underneath the right costal arch has also almost gone. You take so much time and make so much effort for me. I want to thank you for that. I'm just delighted.

Best wishes, Mechtild Ryff

Patient Switzerland

The teeth are great, I feel very good, they feel like they've always been there. Only the jaw is still a little chipped and the gums sensitive. Thank you once again for the great treatment (which sounds a little strange, it wasn't exactly a spa day!) and the care.
You have great employees, Nancy is brilliant, you have a super team.

Patient aged 52 from Switzerland after a full mouth restoration

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