Dentures with implants - almost like a real tooth

Missing or lost teeth have a significant impact on your quality of life. A firm bite, laughing in a carefree manner or simply speaking normally are often difficult when you have a gap between your teeth.

Dental implants offer the best option to resolve these problems permanently. Tooth implants, often known as "pivot teeth" are small screws made of highly pure titanium or ceramic which are inserted into the jaw bone and heal firmly attached to it. They form the foundations for a new tooth crown made of ceramic or can be used as a stable connection to the denture. Tooth implants take on the function of the natural tooth roots.
With modern tooth implants, both individual teeth and entire rows of teeth can be replaced. Tooth implants have therefore become an important basis for precise, fixed dentures.

The aim of implants is to give you the feeling of having your own teeth and combine chewing function with appealing aesthetics. Modern implantology offers a gentle and secure treatment method which can help you to have a permanent fixed bite and a radiant smile.

As specialists in tooth implants, we have the knowledge and the experience to offer you top level aesthetic and functional implants. We will provide guidance in a relaxed atmosphere and explain the solution that would be best for you in a clear manner. We want to help you to get a new lease of life so you can once again enjoy your everyday life in a carefree manner.

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