Patient Reimer von Essen

To whom it may concern,

I am a clarinet player and my teeth are one of the most important foundations of my profession. The fact that I can play without any teeth problems at the age of 70 is thanks to your excellent treatment and the thorough care provided by Dr Tschackert.
Fifteen years ago I switched to him. Since then, I have been wearing a number of implants on some highly problematic areas, all of which were applied with absolutely no pain. Through these implants, additional dental corrections and extensive prophylaxis т€“ including the oral care I learned there т€“ my teeth can now withstand the particularly high strain placed on them by my profession.
I am extremely grateful to Dr Tschackert for this and the fact that I go to his practice without trepidation, and I would very much recommend him.

Reimer von Essen