Healthy gums -€“ healthy teeth

Healthy gums are an important condition for the life-long maintenance of your teeth. With our individual periodontal treatment, we help you with gum problems of all kinds quickly and reliably.

Periodontitis is an inflammation caused by bacteria which is expressed as mostly irreversible destruction of the periodontal apparatus. Certain species of bacterial reproduce uninhibited in the oral cavity, attacking the gums and ultimately the jaw bone.

The most common symptoms of a periodontal disease are inflammation of the gums, pain in the gums, bad breath, sensitive tooth necks in response to cold or warm foods, swollen gums, bleeding gums, gingival recession and gingival crevices which can acutely and repeatedly fill with pus. If one of these symptoms occurs, rapid action is needed, as if the inflammation of the gums reaches the jaw bone, there is a risk of tooth loss.
Periodontal treatment should therefore be started without delay.

One of the main causes of gum inflammation and periodontitis is genetic predisposition. We offer a periodontal risk test (DNS test) as part of our individual prophylaxis programme, the information from which indicated whether you have a genetic predisposition.
Further causes of inflammation of the gums include poor or incorrect oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes, pregnancy, breathing through the mouth, grinding the teeth as a result of stress, general immune deficiency and an unbalanced diet. Unfavourable localised piercings on the lip, lip frenulum or tongue may also cause periodontal diseases.

If periodontitis is identified in good time, it can be cured quickly with relatively simple treatment methods. Regular professional tooth cleaning at least every three months (four times a year) by our dental hygienist is a particularly important part of this. The aim of this is to gradually shrink the gingival crevices, thereby causing the inflammation to subside. Antibiotics and antibacterial mouthwashes can also be used to support this process.
If the periodontitis is already advanced, parts of the inflamed gingival crevices may have to be surgically removed. In most cases, however, no operation is necessary.
If the jaw bone has already be attacked, this can be rebuilt once the periodontal disease has ground to a halt.

In denture patients, periodontal pre-treatment must be carried out as a denture such as a tooth implant or a dental prosthesis can only be inserted if the gums are healthy.

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