Maintaining badly damaged teeth in the long term -€“ a root canal makes it possible

With a perfect root canal treatment, even teeth which are badly affected can be maintained in the long term. The latest technology and new, effective methods means that this is no longer a problem.

Deep rooted caries is mostly the cause of damage to a tooth. Through these, bacteria get inside the tooth causing an inflammation of the tissue until, after a while, the root tissue dies. Severe toothache often occurs too. A root canal treatment has to be carried out to ensure that the bacteria cannot subsequently attack the bone and cause dangerous complications.wurzelkanalbehandlung

Many patients fear root canal treatment. Thanks to modern treatment methods, patients no longer experience the pain that frequently occurred in the past. You will feel almost nothing of the root canal.

A root canal treatment is carried out in several steps. First, an access route to the inside of the tooth is created to get to the root canal. Bacteria and tissue which is diseased and already dead will be removed, and then the root canal will be filled in 1 or 2 sessions. The tooth is then sealed with a filling. In the case of larger-scale defects, it is mostly sensible to crown the tooth fully or partially.

The treatment quality is particularly important when it comes to whether your tooth can be maintained. Only with extensive technical knowledge, experience and the highest levels of precision is it possible to treat a tooth successfully. The occasionally complicated course of the root canal and the microscopic structures in the root canal, the utmost level of care combined with the latest technology is needed to ensure optimal treatment success.

kofferdamThe latest technology includes the use of a microscope and the use of a dental dam, a method to isolate the tooth to be treated using a rubber blanket.

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