Individual dental prophylaxis for healthy teeth which last a lifetime

Our aim is to work with you to determine specific dental care to keep your natural teeth healthy for your entire life.

Our dental hygienist is a specially qualified employee in our practice who specialises in prophylaxis and the oral hygiene of our patients. She not only carries out top level teeth cleaning, she also puts together prophylaxis programmes specially for adults, children and pregnant women.

At the start of your prophylaxis appointment, our dental technician will collect you from the waiting room personally.prophylaxe

In order to be able to create an individual prophylaxis programme for you, we will first carry out various different examinations to determine your personal risk of disease.
For example, the discolouration of your teeth will show us which teeth have plaque deposits.
We use a bleeding index to identify inflammations of the gums. A caries risk test determines the amount of caries-causing bacteria in your saliva. Among other things, a periodontitis risk test (DNA test) will tell us whether you have a genetic predisposition to periodontitis. You may have a genetic predisposition even if you still haven't developed the disease. A prophylaxis programme tailored to you personally is a very good opportunity not to let periodontitis develop at all.

Plaque, tartar and other persistent deposits on the teeth are then removed by professional teeth cleaning. The interdental spaces are also treated with particular care in this procedure.

We then fluoride the teeth. Fluoride protects the teeth against caries for the next 3-6 months. Fluoride is applies to the cleaned teeth in the form of a gel/paint. Coating the teeth with fluorides can also treat early carious lesions such as white spots.

After the professional teeth cleaning, your mouth will feel clean and fresh and you will have noticeably smoother teeth surfaces. We will explain how you can avoid caries and periodontitis, how you can clean your teeth effectively and which tools you should use for this, and we will practise with you. Our dental hygienist will also carry out a nutritional consultation with you.

Our individual prophylaxis is the best way of ensuring your teeth stay healthy for your entire life. With our help and your active contribution, you can achieve that goal.

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