No-prep veneers -€“ a minimal operation with maximum effect

The veneer technique presented here does not require any grinding of the teeth or an anaesthetic injection.

Everybody wants to be beautiful, and beautiful teeth are simply part of a winning appearance.
But many people shy away from letting the dentist beautify them. Crowns and bridges which neither look like natural teeth nor are manufactured by experienced technicians continue to be sold and used.

Dr Tschackert is as yet the only dentist in Europe to combine beauty and function with the latest and most modern LVI method from America. In this way, you can improve your smile significantly with just one to three visits to Dr Tschackert & Colleagues. Take a look at this completely pain-free dental aesthetic procedure and let yourself be inspired by the modern yet simple treatment concept.veneers-vorher-nachher

It's as easy as that:

First session

First of all the patient's wishes are discussed in detail and then a diagnosis model and a photo analysis are prepared after the clinical examinations. We measure the models for you free of charge and use these to determine the number of no-prep veneers using the photos and the model. We will carefully analyse which type of no-prep veneer you need, as the shape and colour of the veneers are always planned individually for each patient.

Second session
Impressions are taken without anaesthetic/injections and with no preparation of the teeth

Before the veneer treatment starts, any remaining questions are discussed with the patient and if necessary our master dental technician. The difference between these and conventional veneers is that the no-prep veneers do not require any preparation (or in rare cases require very slight preparation). This veneer treatment is pain-free and no anaesthetic injection is needed. A precise impression of the jaw is then taken for the no-prep veneers and and impression of the opposing jaw is also taken.

Third session
Fitting and final insertion/adhesion

Since there is no option to insert the no-prep veneers temporarily and to wear them to try them out, attention must be paid to the final appearance during the fitting of the no-prep veneers. Only when the desired effect of the no-prep veneers has been achieved are the no-prep veneers attached to the teeth using an adhesive technique. These veneer treatment steps are also pain-free and no anaesthetic injection is needed.

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