Aesthetic, functional and precise -€“ highest quality dentures

No matter whether it's a bridge, prosthesis or a crown, we will custom make your new teeth using our modern capabilities. We will manufacture your new dentures individually for you in close collaboration with our practice's own master laboratory. 

If you are missing one or several teeth, dentures enable the restoration of your ability to chew, facial aesthetics and production of speech. But what type of denture is the best solution? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this, as every patient has to be considered individually. The solution must therefore also be individual. As specialists in the perfect dentures, we are familiar with all kinds of dentures and would be happy to advise you on the solution which is best for you.

zahnersatzCrowns/partial crowns

Substance defects in the natural tooth crown are mostly corrected using fillings. However, if these defects are too large, crowns are used for structural reasons. In the case of defects in which the tooth substance has been badly attacked, the crown is placed above the existing tooth substance like a thimble, completely covering the affected tooth.
If the affected tooth does not need to be fully covered but only partially covered, a partial crown is used. Partial crowns stabilise and protect the remainder of the tooth substance.


Where teeth are missing completely, bridges are used to fill the gap in the row of teeth. They are attached to the adjacent teeth, ground down and crowned to ensure that the denture can be anchored securely.
Tooth implants are a recommended alternative to conventional bridges.

Dental prosthesis/partial prosthesis

If several teeth are missing, a partial prosthesis can be used as a partial denture. Partial prostheses can be designed to be removable, but can also be attached like a bridge. Alternatively, tooth implants onto which the partial prosthesis can be attached are also recommended.
A total prosthesis is the best option if a whole row of teeth are missing or in the case of entirely toothless jaws. Like partial prostheses, total prostheses can be made to be removable or alternatively fixed in with implants.

However, defective or missing teeth are not only a functional or aesthetic problem, they can also have unforeseen consequences for your health. The smallest changes in the teeth can cause back pain, migraines, tinnitus and tension in the neck and muscles. Poorly fitting or imprecisely manufactured dentures can also cause a range of health problems.
For this reason, we don't have our dentures made in a far away dental laboratory, as long distances prevent high quality, individually adjusted precision work from being carried out. In our practice, dentists and master dental technicians work closely together to ensure an exact precision fit, durability and optimal aesthetics.
In addition to this, you can be involved in the completion of your new teeth and of course your personal desires can be included.
In this way, we will develop the perfect dentures for you that people won't be able to tell apart from your real teeth.

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