Patient Anonymous


I first came to Dr Tschackert as an acute pain patient. Dr Tschackert helped me immediately! He is extremely competent and an excellent dentist. I'm delighted! THANK YOU once again to the entire practice team!

Private patient, age: over 50

Patient A. Staedtler

A "new" smile is the most beautiful language in the world. I am extremely satisfied with the services provided here (veneers in the front area of the tooth with the correction of a small misalignment) by Dr Tschackert, his colleagues and his team. They work with maximum precision, and that also includes the dental laboratory in the practice. The work steps were agreed in detail in the team and with me. That was a great feeling!

A very satisfied customer with a new smile thanks to the outstanding work by Dr Tschackert, his colleagues and their team.

A. Staedtler

Patient Anonymous over 50

CMD, dentures, it doesn't get any better

I've never met a doctor who cared so much about the well-being of his patients. After marathon-style experience of dentists in the past with a number of misalignments, here they see that there's an entire person attached to the teeth and they helped me. The collaboration with specialists in adjacent fields works. Dr Tschackert has my absolute trust. I have a reason to be grateful to him. He's like a friend to me. The women he works with are always very friendly and also make a huge amount of effort.

Private patient, age: over 50

Patient W. D.

Dear Dr Tschackert,

I just wanted to let you know the good news: the pain is gone and this morning I was able to enjoy my breakfast once again.
Thank you very much to you and your team!
My family and I have been trusting you for many years, and for good reason.

Best wishes from my wife and Gwendolyne too. Yours, W. D.

Patient J.L. von S.

Dear Dr Tschackert,

Thank you very much for your wishes on my birthday, which I of course very much needed. I will make every effort to remain as healthy as possible so I have to come and see you as little as possible!
I have been enjoying the human atmosphere in your practice for many years. I believe that my first visit to your practice was not much less than 20 years ago.
I want to thank you and your colleagues and employees for this long period of dental support. I felt and still feel very well looked after!

Best wishes,
J.L. von S.

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