A beautiful smile -€“ despite the braces!

The latest orthodontic methods now enable treatment with almost now reductions in aesthetics, comfort and quality of life.

Many people would like to have straight teeth but shy away from wearing a brace. The latest developments in aesthetic orthodontics now make it possible to correct misalignments of the teeth in an almost invisible manner.

Every person is individual and needs an individual solution. This is why we use various different methods to achieve your personal perfect result.
Contact us for an unbinding consultation about which solutions would be most suitable for you.

Invisalign Systemaest invisalign

With the latest Invisalign method from America, teeth are moved using a transparent, extremely thin tray. This results in no impairments to your everyday life. You can speak, eat and laugh normally. The extremely thin trays can also be taken out at any time.

Before treatment, we will analyse your tooth situation and show you exactly what can be achieved.  Treatment will be carried out in several stages. Our internal master laboratory will produce a transparent tray which is precisely tailored to you for each section of treatment.

The duration of treatment and the number of trays you need depends on how your teeth start out, but a few weeks or months are normally sufficient to achieve your dream smile.


Lingual Techniqueaest lingual

In conventional braces, brackets are placed on the outside of the teeth. In the Lingual technique, the brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth. This means that the braces are not immediately visible, enabling many adults to have their teeth corrected without any limitations in the office.
Since the braces are attached on the inside, they are completely invisible to outsiders.

Because no brackets and wires hinder the view of the teeth, the Lingual technique means treatment can progress without any problems.

With external fixed braces, permanent decalcification spots may remain on the surface of the teeth. This is less likely with the Lingual technique as the inside of the teeth is less susceptible to decalcification and caries.


Transparent bracketsaest saphirbrackets

Transparent brackets are becoming increasingly popular in orthodontic treatment for young people and particularly adults.

Unlike the familiar metal brackets, transparent brackets are made of a ceramic material. They have high light transmission, letting the natural colour of the teeth shine through.
If you combine these almost invisible ceramic brackets with transparent rubber ligatures and white-coated wires, the braces can hardly be seen. In addition to this, the ceramic brackets offer high levels of wearer comfort.

For children, rubber ligatures in modern neon colours are often very appealing and make wearing the braces an enjoyable experience.

The duration of treatment and the treatment experience with transparent brackets are comparable to high quality metal brackets.



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