Patient Baerbel Ohletz

Dear Dr Tschackert,

My teeth and the problems I have had with them have always been a real issue in my life. I had braces when I was six, but these didn't really change the misalignment of the teeth as my teeth were too large for my jaw. Then I knocked one of my front teeth out when I was 9. As a teenager of course you don't want to go around like that, so I got my first crown very early on. The substance of my teeth was nothing special, probably because I was often ill as a child. As a young person I was definitely also not aware how important tooth care is, which meant that I ended up with one crown after the other.

Eventually, these crowns looked so unsightly that I felt self-conscious. I frequently tried to hide my poor crowns with my hands. Laughing and showing my teeth? Impossible! Maybe that's the reason I started to grind and press my teeth at night. This meant that I damaged the few teeth I had remaining pretty badly. I don't need to describe what my teeth and gums looked like т€“ you know yourself how unsightly it was.

I can honestly say that from the first day in your practice a new life began for me! Your extensive and competent advice immediately gave me the feeling I was in the right place. The whole process in your practice, from appointment planning, the welcome, the waiting time and the care before and after treatment is simply unparalleled. And I know what I'm talking about, because I've been to a lot of dentists. With you and your team, I never felt like there was anything I couldn't ask or couldn't say, I always felt well supported and understood. The treatment itself was not entirely painless, but firstly that is certainly normal, and secondly you and your team really calmed me and cared for me, so I didn't doubt my decision to put myself in your hands for a single minute.

Now I'm so happy with my teeth that I would ideally like to spend the entire day laughing and showing my teeth. I particularly like that it just looks great and yet so natural. I get a lot of compliments on my teeth, and most people think I've had my own teeth bleached. It's exactly what I wanted! Natural-looking, beautiful teeth. But it's not just the appearance which is perfect, the function is too. It feels like they're really my own teeth. Now I even like cleaning my teeth, and I'll do my best to make sure everything is preserved.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work.

Warm regards,

Baerbel Ohletz