Higher performance in sport - many professionals trust the patented effect of Dental Power Splint (DPS)

Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels, Andrea Petkovic, Marcel Schmelzer, Katharina Heinz, Pierre-Michel Lasogga and many more are already benefiting from the efficient increase in performance achieved by the DPS mouthguards.
Dental Power Splint enables a proven increase in performance in sports such as football, golf, athletics, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, martial arts, riding, handball and many more.

Why DPS?
Certain movement patterns can cause dysfunctions which have biomechanical and functional consequences for the entire body.

What exactly does the mouthguard do?
The background for this is the assumption that incorrect positioning of the jaw or too firm a bite has a negative effect on the entire body statics. This results in muscular imbalances and joint dispositions (particularly in the upper spine).

This results in:
impaired performance in terms of strength, movement, balance and coordination.

The aim:
is to find and fix the ideal bite position by wearing the patented Dental Power Splint mouthguards, thereby relaxing the surrounding muscles and allowing the jaw to find a natural resting position.  This ideal position can then be fixed using an individually produced mouthguard for the lower jaw (or optionally for the upper jaw).

The result is:
efficiently working muscles in the body and improved body statics, greater strength, increased scope of movement and increased balance and coordination. The mouthguards should be worn during training sessions and when competing. Demonstrably fewer injuries.

The advantages of the DPS mouthguards at a glance:

- more strength!

- more movement!

- more stamina!

- more flexibility!

- increased coordination!

= demonstrable increase in performance

The effect of Dental Power Splint has been confirmed in various studies:
study on the effect of DPS mouthguards by D. Ohlendorf, M. Riegel, S. Kopp (2011)
Effects of changes in the position of the lower jaw on movement quality in athletic motor performance tests (Manual Medicine, Issue 05, 2011)

Read the study here (german language)
and three further studies which have not yet been published.

Athletes on the effect of the DPS mouthguards:

ref-manuel-neuer"I always want to develop myself. I believe that the DPS mouthguards will be part of this in my future. That's why I chose the DPS mouthguards invented by Dr Tschackert."

Manuel Neuer
FC Bayern Muenchen
Germany's National Goalkeeper



ref-andreapetkovic"I've notice a huge difference since I started wearing the DPS mouthguards, in flexibility in particular."

Andrea Petkovic
Number 1 in Women's Tennis in Germany, Number 15 in the World Ranking

ref-marcelschmelzer"I always wear the DPS mouthguards when I train to increase my physical abilities still further, whether I'm doing strength training or stability exercises т€“ great result!"

Marcel Schmelzer
Borussia Dortmund

ref-katarina-heinz""Hello, great news to report т€“ world cup ticket in the bag! I would like to thank your for the great collaboration. The DPS mouthguard is a brilliant invention. It has not only contributed to an increase in my coordination skills, it has also helped me to reach a higher strength potential and ensured the improved speed which is particularly important for a skeleton start. The fact that the system determines the perfect position of the jaw and identifies a purely muscle-based bite means that the muscle tone is decreased and I don't have migraines. The mouthguard also enables me to lie on the slid in a more relaxed manner. This has significantly improved my physical sensation and the feeling for the sports equipment. In combination with a mouthguard to wear at night, I also have a relaxing sleep. I use the mouthguard every day. They are inconspicuous but have a considerable effect. I'm very happy and can only recommend this innovation to anybody who is pursuing athletic goals or wants to do something good to support their body."

Katharina Heinz
German Skeleton Racer


ref-cacau"I have been won over by the DPS mouthguard! I wear it to every training session and almost every game, sometimes even at night. I have had significantly less back pain since I started wearing the DPS mouthguard regularly. My thigh and calf symptoms have also decreased significantly."




ref-peter-menge"I have noticed a growth rate of up to 20% in my strength training. In strength endurance training I used to manage 10 repetitions, now I can do 14! I also noticed an increase in coordination, which is particularly important in tennis. The increase achieved by the DPS mouthguard is incredible."

Peter Menge
Hesse Tennis Federation Coach



ref james-sixsmith"When the mouthguard in, my body feels much more relaxed but energized at the same time. Moreover, I have less aches and pains."

James Sixsmith
Koelner Haie Ice Hockey Player



"With the DPS mouthguard, I'm not pressing my maximum weight seven times instead of the five times I used to manage. I've seen an increase of 20% in my biceps. I can now lift 295 pounds rather than 250 pounds on the butterfly machines. And all of the increases I have achieved since I first wore the DPS mouthguard."

Slobodan Cvetcovic


You can find more references here


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