Mock-Up - get to know your new smile

Test your new veneer and take your time to decide.

What is a Mock-UP?

A Mock-UP is an elastic dental splint manufactured so you can view your future veneers in your mouth and test them out.

mock up

The major advantage of this is that you can see the new situation directly in your mouth so you can take your time at home to decide whether you like it or whether you want to change something about it.
This can all be achieved without having to have an operation on your teeth.

The creation of a Mock-UP also offers further advantages.
On the one hand, you can use it to test how functional the veneers are, and on the other hand the tooth colour can be selected in advance when using a Mock-UP. This means you can see your “new” smile in advance and get to know it.

A Mock-UP is particularly suitable for patients who are not satisfied with the colour, shape or position of their teeth but who cannot imagine how it will look after treatment.


Imprints of your teeth are taken for a tooth model.
Our dental technician will then model the desired situation that you want to achieve through the treatment on the plaster model created from the imprint. This is also called creating a wax-up. You can use the model to see what the final result could look like.
The next step is then manufacturing the Mock-UP, the elastic splint that is taken from the wax-up model that has been made.

This means you can take your time to consider the aesthetic change and the dentist can check all of the functional conditions and carry out a phonetic check focusing on the F, S and Sh sounds.


The manufacture of a Mock-Up, including the previous steps such as the taking of impressions, photos, planning and manufacture of a wax-up model costs EUR 200.00.



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