Patient Ms U.P.

Dear Dr Tschackert,

My entire life, I have always had problems with my teeth, which kept increasing * / : cracked enamel, caries, grinding of the teeth and headaches as a result of this, due to increasing age ? I though ? that I was getting migraines increasingly frequently, crowns everywhere, one dentist changed the occlusal height ? since then I still have problems with dizziness, the artificial teeth caused problems in my mouth, I started to get bad breath and for the past five years have had bleeding gums too ? ? The dentists said nothing could be done and that it would be better not to touch it.

 * I got to know many dentists and spent a lot of my life sitting in waiting rooms. Over the years, my teeth and gums just got worse and the health problems increased: ? the dentists said nothing could be done and that it would be better not to touch it.

 It may have been pure coincidence т€“ and my good luck т€“ that your practice was recommended to me. Friends and to an increasing extent strangers now talk to me about my beautiful teeth. I don't have migraines any more since my bite was regulated, and I wake up in the mornings without a headache. My mouth is no longer filled with foreign bodies, but very viable teeth which feel as if they're my own. Prophylaxis means I no longer experience bleeding gums and always have fresh breath. And to cap it all the annoying waiting before treatment is now gone: you arrive, you start thinking which newspaper might be interesting and then you regret that you barely had the time to start reading an interesting book: ?Come in please!? - you're already up.

 I can now admit that I hesitated for a long time before entrusting all of my teeth to you. After all of my previous experience, a cautious approach seemed appropriate. In hindsight, I can encourage all other patients: you can and should talk about everything ? including about concerns and worries in terms of the plans; everything will be explained in detail and, if you want, shown to you in the mirror; every piece fits; difficulties are identified and discussed; if something is going to hurt you almost ? always know ? in advance. The care is first class and the results are wonderful. I don't think it could be any better.

 I thank you for your patience, your great skill and for the safety and precision with which you work. Without you I would probably still have very poor teeth rather than the beautiful teeth I have now. Thank you!

 - Ms U.P. -