Professional tooth bleaching for white teeth and a radiant smile

The desire for white teeth and a radiant smile is becoming increasingly prominent in modern society. For many patients, bleaching is therefore a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to whiten the teeth quickly and gently.

Teeth are continuously exposed to external and internal influences, which constantly changes their colour, for example as a result of coffee, tea or nicotine. This can be effectively removed by teeth cleaning with a gentle polish. For many people, however, the natural colour of the teeth under the plaque is discoloured by pigments in the tooth substance. In these cases, tooth bleaching is the correct treatment option. The bothersome pigments in the tooth are carefully bleached and the tooth becomes permanently white from the inside.

The bleaching method which is used depends on the individual indication of the patient.bleaching

Internal Bleaching

In this procedure, a non-vital tooth which has been discoloured as a result of a root canal is whitened. This is carried out by means of an insert into the tooth, which is left there for approximately one week. If the desired result had been achieved, the inserted material is removed and the tooth sealed. This can be repeated if necessary.


This method is used in cases of severe discolouration when patients want a quick result. In this procedure, a higher concentration of the bleaching gel is used. In order to protect the gums, a liquid dental dam is first applied to the edge of the gums and allowed to harden. Then the gel is applied. After the exposure time, the bleaching gel is carefully removed. This method can also be repeated as needed.


In this method, you receive individually prepared trays and the bleaching gel for use at home. Once you have been instructed and had the use of the bleaching gel explained to you, you can use it yourself.
In order to produce the individual bleaching trays, an impression of your teeth will be prepared which our dental technician will use to create trays for your upper and lower jaw. After a few days, you will receive the completed trays and the medical bleaching gel and can start using them. This method is considerably more gentle than power bleaching and can be used until the desired effect is achieved.

To Note

Crowns, plastic fillings and bridges cannot be whitened using bleaching, but they can be replaced in the new tooth colour after the tooth has been whitened.

During bleaching, water is removed from the tooth as a result of the chemical reaction, leading to a drying out. This can lead to hot/cold paraesthesia. We therefore carry out an intensive fluoridation after bleaching, leading to a rehydration and remineralisation of the tooth.
After bleaching, a layer of highly concentrated fluoride gel is applied to the teeth which provides intensive fluoridation and remineralisation for the teeth and protects against carious acid attacks for several days. The layer on the surface of the teeth also decreases paraesthesia.

In this way, you achieve the desired whitening of your teeth in a safe and effective way, ensuring that you have a radiant smile.

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