Dr. Tschackert, now the team dentist of the men's national soccer team U21.

U21: with strong "bite" towards the European championship titlel
No doubt: The selected team of DFB headcoach Horst Hrubesch will be optimum prepared for the U21 European championship which will take place between June 15 and 29. "This tournament is a great challenge for all of us.
Therefore we need to be very well prepared in every area - and that not only concerning sports. I'm convinced that the team behind the team has thus laid the foundations that our players will be in perfect condition for the
European championship", stated by Hrubesch.

However, most of the measures had not been taken on the soccer field, but in the resort hotel "Überfahrt" in Rottach-Egern, where the U21 team will stay
till Sunday.
None detail was omitted: At Tegernsee Dr. Steffen Tschackert, dentist, checked up the players for teeth damages and made also x-ray photographs to be able to check all details thoroughly. "Soccer players - especially national soccer players - act on highest level. Problems with the teeth can cause for example muscular affections or problems with the joint. This needsto be excluded", so Dr. Tschackert. Thus, the medical team of the U21 ensures that the young national soccer players have the right "bite" for the final round of the European championship.

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Photo shooting for GALA magazine with VICTORIA, secondary placed model of Austria's Next Top Model 2009

Dr. Tschackert has booked top model Victoria, secondary placed model of Austria's Next Top Model, for the special insert Beauty in autumn 2009 for GALA magazine.
Prearranged was a shooting, with a diamond between her teeth and with other motives as well.
The TV team of Pro7 and Puls4 were present all day long.

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Dr. Steffen G. Tschackert now beautifes also the smiles of Austrias next Topmodel 2009

On 8th January 2009 launched Austrias next Topmodel 2009 in Vienna with an absolute record of 213.000 spectators, and surpassed even the first serial of Germanys next Topmodel by Heidi Klum.
The programme is presented by the winner of the first serial of Germanys next Topmodel, Lena Gercke.

Just as in the fourth serial of Germanys next Topmodel Dr. Steffen G. Tschackert is also called in the team of experts for this format of Austrias next Topmodel.

As a specialist in the range of aesthetic dentistry he advises this time the Austrian models and helps the young talented models to even more beautiful and perfect teeths.

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Dr. Steffen G. Tschackert now practising medicine also in Dubai, U.A.E.

German dental arts in the Middle East
Since 1993 Dr. Steffen G. Tschackert practises medicine in his specially developed centre for prophylaxis in Frankfurt on the Main. The prophylaxis and LVI specialist has now obtained also the licence of the Micanova Dental
Clinic in Dubai. Patients from all over the world can now enjoy a treatment in perfect ambiance.
Frankfurt/Cologne in September 2008. Nowadays a lot of people dream of having sound and, at the same time beautiful teeth. Dr. Steffen G.
Tschackert makes this dream coming true - not only in Germany, but for a short time now also exclusively in Dubai, in Micanova Dental Clinic. The clinic, being up-to-date standard, was opened in summer 2007 and convinces by a perfect concept tailored to patient's demands. In the range of dentistry (health/prophylaxis and beauty) Dr. Tschackert is a specialist in great demand. He is the sole German, medicating in Germany and in the Middle East with the new LVI method (Las Vegas Institute).

Dr. Steffen G. Tschackert about his expansion in the Middle East: "Patients from the Arabian region asked me repeatedly in my practice why not to practise medicine also in the Emirates. Thus, I looked about in Dubai and after extensive search, lasting for months, I finally decided in favour of Micanova Dental Clinic. Here all the things important in the Arab world are united: highest technical standard, top position, nearby the best hotels ofthe city as well as a perfect ambiance, with a view to Burj Al Arab, 7 stars hotel".
Dr. Steffen G. Tschackert is regarded as expert in his area: After completing his degree, he passed an intensive 4-year training in one of the leading practices in Germany and attended permanently advanced training courses in Switzerland, Sweden and in the U.S.A. He is among others member of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kosmetische Zahnmedizin" - DGKZ (German company for cosmetic dentistry) and of "Bundesverband der implantologisch tätigen Zahnärzte in Europa e.V." - BDIZ (federal association of implant dentists in Europe). As author of "prophylaxis, the soft way to healthy teeth" (top-selling prophylaxis guidebook in Germany) and dental expert of the live programme "ARD-Buffet", he is referee in various dentist associations and advanced training institutes. Special subjects of Dr. Steffen G. Tschackert are: parodontal affections, implants, aesthetic dentistry, LVI method and, as cofounder of the R.V. Tukker study group for gold restorations, the inlay technique of same name.
Now you can get these special treatments by Dr. Steffen G. Tschackert also in Dubai. Another branch is planned to be opened in summer 2009 on Skiathos,
a Greek isle..

Bleaching courses with Dr Tschackert now available in Austria too

For more than 15 years, Dr Tschackert has been working as a speaker at various different chambers of dentists and training institutions in Germany focusing on prophylaxis, bleaching and the gold inlay technique. This year, Dr Tschackert expanded the courses he offers to include Austria. In June, the bleaching expert is offering intensive courses for dentists and their staff in Austria.

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