Dr Tschackert at the awarding of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Durban, South Africa

durban2Fan trip to Durban for the awarding of the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Together with the German sports marketing team, Dr Tschackert went on the trip to Durban to see the awarding of the 2018 Olympic games and support the German delegation in the presentation of Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Königssee/Berchtesgadener Land.

Even though the decision didn't go Munich 2018's way, it was definitely a very special experience. 

Dr. Tschackert with the Olympic decision in Durban

Dr. Steffen Tschackert who flew with the German delegation for the awarding of the Olympic Games in 2018 in Durban, experienced first hand with the choice of the International Olympic Committee's decision and Pyeongchang.

A perfect presentation of the German Olympic Sports Federation in cooperation with the German Sports Marketing, and all members of the Board of Trustees, chaired by Katharina Witt gave unfortunately not outdo the South Korean job.

Dr. Thomas Bach, IOC President and DOSB Vizepäsident said after the decision, "We can go to their heads held high from the Bid" and "the decision was probably a mix between markets and compassion."

The German delegation was represented among others by the Bundespäsidenten Christian Wulff, Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, the Mayor of Munich Christian Ude `s and many more.
From sports, the German delegation was also represented by Franz Beckenbauer, Georg Hackl, Markus Wasmeier, Susi Erdmann, Maria Riesch-Höfl, Gerd Schoenfelder, and many more.

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Dr Tschackert examines the U17 men's national football team before the World Cup in Mexico

It is now standard in the German Football Association for the national youth players to have a dental examination by Dr Steffen Tschackert before a major competition.
This is also true for the U17 team, coached by Steffen Freund.
After their success as runner-up European Champions, there was a recuperation period in Allgäu before the important world cup tournament in Mexico.
On this occasion, Dr Steffen Tschackert examined all the players carefully for any damage to their teeth. In order to do this, functional statuses and x-rays were taken to check all of the players.

Dr Steffen Tschackert was supported by the chair manufacturing company TGA and Dürr Dental, who provided the latest examination and x-ray technology.

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Report with Dr. Tschackert in ZDF Drehscheibe Deutschland

A report about the DPS mouthguards invented by Dr Tschackert for professional and amateur athletes.

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Dr Tschackert on Frank Elstner's talk show "Menschen der Woche" ("People of the Week")

On 26 February 2011, Dr Steffen Tschackert was invited to be a guest on Frank Elstner's popular talk show "Menschen der Woche", a weekly talk show which has now been looking at current topics in the economy, politics, lifestyle, sports and entertainment for 11 years.
The talk show guests included Eva Luise Köhler, the wife of the former Federal President, Stuart Pigott, Germany's best-known wine journalist and the former world class boxer Regina Halmich.

Dr Tschackert presented the DPS (Dental Power Splint) mouthguards he invented for professional and recreational athletes. Frank Elstner became aware of Dr Steffen Tschackert and his DPS mouthguards as a result of the many articles in the press and radio interviews.

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