Dr Tschackert examines the U17 national youth team in their training facilities in Hamburg and Bremen

Dr Steffen Tschackert, team dentist for the German national youth team, examined the U17 national team during their preparation for the important European Championship qualifying games which took place from 20-26 March 2012 in Bremen.

In order to be well prepared for the start of the European Championship, which took place over eight weeks in Slovenia, dental care is recommended just as much as other medical care for the players. It has now been proven that muscular diseases and problems with the joints are linked to the teeth.

We wish the team chosen by GFA coach Stefan Böger all the best in defending the European title.

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Dr Steffen G. Tschackert helps Austria's Next Top Models 2012 to achieve a radiant smile

The fourth series of Austria's Next Top Model 2012 started on 12 January 2012, presented by Lena Gercke, the winner of the first series of Germany's Next Top Model by Heidi Klum.
After 2009, Dr Steffen Tschackert was once again available as a specialist in aesthetic dental medicine providing consultancy to the Austrian Top Model team in 2012, helping the future models to achieve a radiant smile.

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Miss Deaf Europe 2011 with Dr Steffen Tschackert

Dr Steffen Tschackert's patient Manuela Vanek, the current Miss Deaf Germany, has done it.
On 16 July 2011 in Orlando, she was able to win over the jury and was declared the new Miss Deaf Europe!

At the Miss Deaf International vote in 2011, she achieved an excellent position in the top 10.

Congratulations to her!


Dr Tschackert meets Maradonna and presents the DPS mouthguard

A pilot study on the effect of Dental Power Splint

Effects of changes in the position of the lower jaw on movement quality in athletic motor performance tests
(Manuelle Medizin 5 2011)

by D. Ohlendorf, M. Riegel, S. Kopp (2011)
Department of Orthodontics, Dental University Institute "Carolinum",
Hospital of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main

Read the full article (german language)

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