First nationwide dental treatment chair has been set up in a school.

Thanks to the initiative of Dr. Steffen Tschackert and the support of the dental technology company TGA a dental treatment chair has been set up at the Metropolitan School in Frankfurt.

It is the first dental treatment chair in Germany to be set up at a private / public school, to provide a successful and innovative dental provision.

Peter Ferres, founder of the Metropolitan School and brother of the famous actress Veronica Ferres, tested the chair himself and thanked Dr. Falk, the owner of the TGA and Dr. Steffen Tschackert.

Besides this Dr. Steffen Tschackert has been the sponsoring dentist for 130 students at the Metropolitan School for more than 2 years.

Temporomandibular joint problems

Carla di Francesco-Munz came from Stuttgart especially to see Dr Tschackert as a last resort for her temporomandibular joint problems after she had sought help from many different dentists without success.

Dr Tschackert determined that the only option to alleviate the problems was a combination of a perfect bite mouthguard and botox treatment for the masticatory muscles.

The whole things was supported by a TV crew from the channel Rhein-Main TV. The programme was broadcast on 20 July 2010.

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Vice-President of the IOC visits Dr Tschackert in Frankfurt

Dr Yu, the Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee, made use of Dr Steffen Tschackert's services on a stopover on the way home from the headquarters of the IOC in Lausanne.
Since Mr Yu was treated by Dr Tschackert at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, he very much values him and has become a loyal patient.

During his visit, Mr Yu gave Dr Tschackert a small thank you in the form of an original Chinese tea box from IOC China, a collector's item he brought with him specially from his home country.

Dr Tschackert examines the U19 men's national team before the European Championship in France

Dr Steffen Tschackert, who is now established as the team dentist for the national team,
now provides care for the U17, U20, U21 and U19 men's teams who are currently in France preparing for the European Championship in France.

Dr Steffen Tschackert examined the GFA team chosen by coach Horst Hrubesch in their training facilities in Hanover and Schwarzenberg for damage to their teeth  and took x-rays to check the details while they prepared for the test game against the Czech Republic.

Among others, the players Felicio Brown Forbes from 1860 München and Felix Kross, whose brother Toni Kross has returned to Munich, were both present.

Since muscular diseases and problems with the joints are linked to the teeth, which has now been proven, a precautionary dental check-up is definitely part of good preparation, Dr Tschackert says.

Dr Steffen Tschackert was supported by KaVo and Dürr Dental, who provided the latest examination and x-ray technology.

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Dr. Tschackert on the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver!

Due to the good results and the big response from the national junior soccer teams U21, U20 and U17, all of them have been successfully checked up and attended by dentist Dr. Tschackert, the umbrella organization Olympia and Co Partner BEGO asked him to be dentist in the German house during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Dr. Tschackert is pleased to agree to this honourable and interesting task. From Feb. 10 to 28, 2010 he is thus the dentist for all German Olympic contenders and officials in the German house, meeting point for all athletes, attendants, commercial partners, media agents and guests from politics and society.

Together with Co Partner Deutschland, BEGO from Bremen, the right bite is brought to Vancouver.

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See the video (german language)


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