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Perfect work for a perfect smile and the best specialists for all specialisms
This applies to Dr Steffen G. Tschackert and his team!

And we do everything we can to help you to improve your attitude to life.
A pleasant environment. A friendly, competent team that, through continuous training, is always up to speed with the latest developments in dentistry and combines this with the latest technology and experience from over 25 years. - We want you to feel well looked after in our practice -.

Our goal is to achieve a symbiosis of functional and aesthetic dentistry -€“ naturally beautiful and healthy teeth -€“ which lasts a lifetime.

Your Pure Tschackert Smile

There has recently been a new development in dentistry. Something which makes us smile a perfect smile.
"pure Tschackert". A brand which stands for beautiful teeth, which leaves nothing left to be desired when it comes to perfection.
The Frankfurt specialist Dr Steffen G. Tschackert has brought the Hollywood smile to Germany and is the first dentist in Europe to receive certification from the Las Vegas Institute (LVI).

Dr Tschackert deals with all kinds of dental problems and effectively supplements the medical solution with the aesthetic and cosmetic perspective. On the basis of a sophisticated treatment system, teeth are replaced, repaired and bleached, gaps are closed, uneven teeth are extended or shortened, the position of the teeth and the bite are corrected, the gums are reshaped and old fillings are replaced. The aim is to achieve "the perfect smile".

And the best thing is that you can even "try on" the new smile, so you can get used to the new, pure smile. The perfect service provided by the Dr Tschackert & Colleagues dental practice includes the all-round care of patients who have come from afar, who are collected from the airport or train station and given an initial consultation free of charge.

With the help of the latest cosmetic dentistry and special techniques, you can improve your smile significantly in just one to three trips to Dr Tschackert.
He is the only German dentist with full LVI certification and who uses this technique to give his patients a beautiful smile.

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