Snap on Smile in Frankfurt/Main

We will give you the gift of a smile like the stars without any pain at all.

What is a Snap on Smile?
The clue is in the name – simply put on and snap on.

The Snap On is made of a solid plastic and is a removable temporary solution that is pleasant to wear and covers your own teeth.snap onIt provides interim care and is manufactured individually for each patient and used without any preparation, anaesthesia or adhesive.

The Snap On is particularly suitable for the cosmetic improvement of your smile and as a removable partial set of teeth to raise the bite.

If you do not initially want a permanent solution, Snap on Smile is the ideal solution for you, particularly because of its robust, durable material.

The Snap On only needs to be removed at meal times. The teeth should be cleaned after each meal as for any other splints and braces before the device is put back in.


Imprints of your teeth are taken for a tooth model.
Our dental technician will then model the desired situation that you want to achieve through the treatment on the plaster model created from the imprint. This is also called creating a wax-up. You can use the wax-up model to see what the final result could look like.

The next step is then manufacturing the Snap On, the removable temporary solution that is created on the wax-up model that has been made.

In no time at all, you have a beautiful smile and can take your time to decide whether and when you want to make a permanent change.

The functional side, achieved for example through raising the bite, can also be tested out sufficiently well.


The manufacture of a Snap on Smile, including the previous steps such as the taking of impressions, photos, planning and manufacture of a wax-up model costs EUR 500.00 per jaw.